Criss Angel Denies Paris Hilton

Criss Angel, the magician, has hit out at claims he’s dating socialite Paris Hilton, insisting the recent “lies” about his relationship with Cameron Diaz prove the press can’t be trusted.

After being linked with Cameron Diaz, he is now being linked to Paris Hilton, but Angel brands the reports laughable.

He revealed, “You know what’s amazing? I’m finding out with success, anything you do, whether you’re a friend, you like somebody, you date somebody,
or maybe you don’t even like somebody, the tabloids want to attach you with everybody.”

Paris Hilton Has a MySpace!

Paris Hilton has jumped on the Myspace blog bandwagon. She posted a message to all her fans wishing them a Happy Holiday. I think since she loves her fans so much, she should have invited all of them to her new Malibu digs. Paris and her sister Nicky moved into their $2.9 million dollar home for the summer yesterday. You know that house is going to be a 'party house' and it's gonna be really easy to find. If you're in the LA area and wanna see Paris Hilton just walk along the beach and you will see about 30 paparazzis sitting outside on the sand snapping photos of the heiress.

Paris Hilton in Hawaii!

Paris Hilton is in Hawaii after her stint
in jail!. Naturally the heiress took a moment for the so eager paparazzi
as she splashed around the warm waters of Maui.

Paris Hilton Spent $145 a Week in Jail?!

Paris Hilton spent $145 on food and other items in a week while in jail, documents have apparently revealed.
The hotel heiress, released last week, has since told how “horrible” food was one of the low points of her stay.
Now documents uncovered by appear to show she turned to splashing out her own cash at the prison’s and canteen and shop.
According to the website she ordered 30 packs of chicken broth, five packs of chicken noodle soup, seven muffins, 3lb of toffee peanuts, five bags of pretzels, ten snack bars and tea and coffee.
Other items listed, helping to build up a £72 total in one week, included cold cream, Vaseline, a brown eyebrow pencil and an emery board.