Paris Hilton Can Sing

Was Paris Hilton practicing her acting in jail? I guess so. Just one month after coming out of jail,
hotel heiress Hilton has landed a role for herself in an upcoming musical thriller.
Paris has signed on to star in a new futuristic musical thriller called ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera.’ The thriller set in 2056 is all about an organ failure epidemic that forces people to buy expensive genetically modified organs from the evil biotech company Geneco.
The club-hopping Hilton is not just an actor but a good singer too! I doubt so! Well, leave my opinion, the 26-year old overwhelmed the filmmakers with her voice and grabbed a chance for her to sing in this futuristic thriller, which contains musical numbers ranging from opera to rock.
Director of the Repo, Darren Lynn Bousman said,
I have auditioned at least 30 actresses for this role-Paris came in and owned it. She is this role.
The hotel heiress will star in her new flick alongside ‘Spy Kids’ star Alexa Vega and ‘Goodfellas’ actor Paul Sorvino. She plays the daughter of the organ transplant magnate (Veteran actor and opera singer Paul Sorvino) who is the villain of this musical thriller. The film will release in 2009.

Paris and Her Inheritance

Paris Hilton gets boot from her billionaire grandfather Barron Hilton’s $60 million(possibly quite more) inheritance. And the reason is club hopping Hilton’s shoddy and wild behavior that embarrassed her old grandfather. Barron Hilton was already embarrassed by his granddaughter’s increasingly wild behavior, but her recent stint in jail for was the last straw. The $60 million will go to charity instead of his family, which includes 11 grandchildren.
According to the Daily Mail,
He was and is extremely embarrassed by how the Hilton name has been sullied by Paris. He doesn’t want to leave unearned wealth to his family.
The donated money will go to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, set up by the famous humanitarian who founded the Hilton Hotels Corporation in 1946.
But I guess that it hardly matters for former jailbird Paris Hilton. She is already cashing in on her fame. Most recently, Hilton is set to star in a new MTV cartoon and a Bollywood film where she is rumored to play the role of Mother Teresa. Oh my God! I don’t believe this! Paris Hilton will play role of Mother Teresa! Who thinks that party princess Hilton’s will suit this role?
Well, I was talking about Hilton’s earnings. She is already getting $2 million for her perfume brand, an upcoming animated series, a cell phone game in her likeness, and a line of purses. Not only this, she is getting $10 million for ‘The Simple Life’ Season 6. So why should she bother about her grandpa’s inheritance? But I m sure her dad and other family members must be very disappointed by this decision of Barron Hilton.

Paris Hilton In The Gym

After her bust enhancement Paris Hilton is aiming to have a perfect body. She went on to join Dim Shady club and was snapped working out with a personal trainer that will help her to remain in shape. As a matter of fact Paris has just those right curves but God knows why she headed for this LA gym. May be she got carried away by Amy’s thin looks!
Her exercise and sunglasses does not actually show that the hotel heiress has actually come to a gym for a workout. Rather it seems she is posing for a photo shoot.
And when will she get rid of these white-framed shades. Everytime I happen to see her pics she is mostly found wearing the same.
Some two weeks back also she was spotted wearing the same color when she partied with new friend Elisha Cuthbert at Malibu beach. I feel now she should try out something new.

Paris Hilton Sued Hallmark

Paris Hilton is suing card giant Hallmark over the use of her picture on a greeting card and her trademarked phrase ‘That’s Hot.’

Nicky and Paris Hilton

Nicky and Paris Hilton

Paris and Her Boyfriend on a Charity

‘The Simple Life’ star, Paris Hilton was seen with her new boy friend on Wednesday morning at Toronto air port ready to take off to Rwanda on some charity mission. No doubt, she was as interested and as pleasing to pose for the photographs along with her new Beau!
Rwanda is the first spot in her mission of Charity to prove her as a good will ambassador.She told media, “There’s so much need in that area, and I feel like if I go, it will bring more attention to what people can do to help.”
The heiress met with her new love interest Scott Lazerson while during her new life interest Charity. It was the Lazerson’s idea that Hilton should start from Rwanda that is hit by genocide. This can at least help her to win over the fame that she has earned from partying and going to jail!
Watch her with new Beau at Toronto Airport.

Its Party Time for Paris Hilton

It seems that the heiress just needs an occasion to celebrate. And this was certainly a big moment to rejoice- the 24th birthday of her younger sister Nicky Hilton. So Paris Hilton was doing rock and roll the entire Friday night at the Vegas Nightclub LAX.
It wasn’t surprising that rather than the birthday girl, her sister hogged the limelight. Paris stood in the spotlight to give her little sister a birthday shout out. And for the rest of the night, Paris danced wildly on a couch to draw all eyes upon her.
After the fiesta got over, Paris, Nicky and some of their friends went to the Social House at Treasure Island. Paris was also noticed making a pit stop at the MGM Grand Garden Arena to flaunt her silver dress and the t-shirts made for Nicky’s birthday.
So it was a week’s entertainment in just one day for Paris! But if sister’s birthday made Paris party in such a big way, what will she do when she turns 27 next year on February 17!

New Clothing Line

As alternately ordinary and twee as I find Amanda Bynes' clothing line -- note to Steve & Barry's: If it looks like everything costs under $20, then it automatically takes the novelty out of your pricing plan -- I will say this for her: She didn't paint her face all over everything and then expect you to pay for the privilege of having her eyes staring out from the vicinity of your nipples.

I guarantee you these vain little babies cost more than $20 (the shirts, I mean, but possibly also the girl). The Warholian number behind Paris's right shoulder is a deliciously conceited treat, as is the one that entreats you to "LUV THYSELF," as long as you don't do it enough to buy a shirt that's properly spelled. But the Main Event is my favorite. It's like she's depicting herself behind bars in a prison run by Victoria's Secret. Yep, held captive by her own indomitable sex appeal -- that's our Paris.
Although, is it just me, or does she look a wee bit haggard? Maybe she was up all night crying her eyes out when she realized her flippy new 'do is just a poor, shaggy clone of Posh's coif, and therefore David Beckham would never be likely to get them confused and accidentally take Paris home for a night of muscular passion. But chin up, Paris; iit's just as well. See, you don't want to cross Victoria Beckham, or you'll end up learning the hard way how many different torturous uses there are for a press-on nail

Paris Hilton With Alexa Vega

ALEXA VEGA: Oh my GOD, I can't believe I'm getting photographed with PARIS HILTON. This is so AWESOME.
PARIS: What are you, person? You remind me of something.
ALEXA: My movie Spy Kids?
PARIS: No! Duh -- I hate science. I think it's... you kind of look like Lindsay Lohan rolling out of some dude's hotel room at seven in the morning.
ALEXA: Dammit, it's the stain on my pants, isn't it? I KNEW it was noticeable.
PARIS: No, that just reminds me of the time I puked all over Nicky's Cyndi Lauper costume.
ALEXA: When you were kids?
PARIS: Yeah, like two whole years ago, and she's STILL mad at it, like, whatever, I don't even REMEMBER anything else about that year. She tried to tell me that I didn't need to bring breath mints out with us on Halloween because it wasn't THAT kind of trick-or-treating, and I got so mad at her for killing my buzz.
ALEXA: That's...
PARIS: But THIS year I'm going as Wayne from Wayne's World. But, like, a sexy man-girl Wayne. The kind with BOOBS. This is most of what I'm wearing. Isn't it hott? You want me.
ALEXA: One time I got to...
PARIS: Hey listen, if I cut off one of your braids, could I smoke it?
ALEXA: What? So now you don't like my...
PARIS: I told Larry King I would be good. It's not illegal to inhale if I'm smoking hair, right?
ALEXA: I can't believe you're allowed to wear a wig and a trucker hat, and you're ragging on me for looking like Pippi Longstocking just discovered the 80s floor at Polly Esther's.
PARIS: Longstocking? What's that, like a body condom?
ALEXA: I'm beginning to think I've made a huge mistake.

Paris Hilton Covergirl

Beautiful! For the first time, I agree that blonde babe Paris Hilton is beautiful and sexy too. She graces the cover of new GQ Germany. Check out hot Hilton:

Paris Hilton With Brandon Davis

This is not fair…birthday boy of the night was Brandon Davis but sweetie Paris Hilton stole the limelight.

Paris' New Hair

Party girl Paris Hilton looks super cute in her new hairdo. I just loved her new look. Well, these days Miss. Hilton is busy showing off her ‘Dollhouse’ clothing collection in Vegas.

Paris Hilton Wants A Child

Can you believe Paris Hilton, an American celebutante, businesswoman, model; actress is ready to quit her party lifestyle and wants to have a baby? What??? Is she serious? Oh my GOD. Somebody, pinch me!It’s hard to believe that Miss Hilton want to be mother. But friends, it’s true. In an exclusive interview to Elle UK, Paris Hilton told to reporter that she wants to have a baby next year.
Paris said,
I want kids next year, so I’ve got to get my body ready. I want lots of babies and a more simple life away from the celebrity spotlight. I did a lot of soul-searching about my partying and then I heard Nicole was pregnant and I decided it’s time for me to grow up and take responsibility - and the best way to do that is to become a mother.
She has been getting broody since her Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie announced she was expecting.
I don’t know what’s in her mind? But I think, parenting should not be considered as a hobby, and it is foolish to do something only because your friend is doing it, at least in the case of BABIES, one should not copy other. Becoming a mother for the sake of learning to be responsible is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Anyway, If she is really serious, Nobody can stop her to be MOM. All the best Hilton!

Paris Hilton partying hard

Paris Hilton partying hard!

Paris Hilton at VMA 2007

Paris Hilton showed off her new hairdo at the 2007 Video Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Fashion Victim: Paris Hilton

What the hell Paris Hilton is wearing while moving out of her mom and dad’s house. Nothing could be uglier than this outfit.

Paris Hilton Banned From OktoberFest

n has been banned from attending Germany’s Oktoberfest this year after organizers felt she ‘cheapened’ and ‘diminished’ last year’s event.

Alex Hugo, Paris Hilton New Boytoy

Life for tourist Swedish youngster Alex Hugo has completely changed since he set his foot in Los Angeles. A pizza delivery boy is now ‘friend’ of hot and sensual Paris Hilton. The news is shocking for Paris’s fans and friends as no one has come to know that what made Paris Hilton fall for this shy, 22-year-old guy?

Boycott David Letterman

t is a simple case of dreaming of a shooting star and getting hit by meteors instead. Talk-show host David Letterman would never have thought that his latest guest would become so annoyed by his fun pranks that his show will earn a place in her bad books!

Paris Hilton Cries at David Letterman Show

Paris Hilton was on the hot seat Friday with David Letterman where Letterman grilled her about her stint in jail earlier this year. Wow! I loved the show, trust me it was a wonderful show! He all most made Hilton cry during her 8-minute appearance on the ‘Late Show.’
Just watch the video and you’ll also kinda a feel sorry for her like me but simultaneously you gonna enjoy it. I guess it’s her own fault for being dumb enough to go and sit there with David Letterman.

Paris and Nicky Hilton

Paris Hilton knows only one thing—partying. And she partied hard Friday night at LAX nightclub in Las Vegas on her little sister Nicky’s 24th birthday party.
It was Nicky’s birthday and all eyes were supposed to be on birthday girl but how could Paris let others to grab attention.

Paris Hilton Shops With Her Puppies

Paris Hilton is a big pet lover and she wants to show it to the world. Hilton went for a little shopping tour with one of her sweet pup in hand.
Aw! That pup of Hilton’s is not as cute as Kelly Osbourne’s pup in his hoodie.

PHP: Paris Hilton named the Bad Girl of the Decade

It seems like it’s an unrelenting bad time for hotel heiress Paris Hilton, for days after a LA court sentenced her to 45 days in prison, she has been named the ‘Bad Girl of the Decade’ by Us magazine claims no one has been naughtier than her, and has cited her panty-less car exit in 2002 and ill advised sex ban as substantial testimonials for the title.The magazine also said that Hilton, who was found guilty of driving on a banned license, has ‘walked the line between obscenity’ and lawlessness for a long time now, reports Us Weekly.Meanwhile, the socialite, who recently claimed that she is the most iconic blonde of the decade’ and compared herself to actress Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana, has started petitioning California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to keep her out of the slammer.If Hilton fails to report to jail on June 5, she will have to face 90 days behind bars.