Paris Hilton Autopsy: Paris Hilton Sculptured

Daniel Edwards, the Brooklyn-based sculptor who gifted the world with works featuring a crowning Britney Spears splayed on a bearskin rug, and the gilded "first poop" of Miracle Baby Suri Cruise, is back again. This time, he turns his celeb-obsessed chisel to Hollywood's supreme scenewhore, in an anti-DWI work entitled "Paris Hilton Autopsy":
To help ram the message home, the Hilton sculpture has an open abdominal cavity and its innards are removable, as if the Simple Life star were really being splayed out for an autopsy. All of the internal organs have been rendered to scale and visitors to the exhibition will be encouraged to don a pair of gloves and pick through the plaster-and-clay remains

Paris Hilton Can't Fool L.A. Procesutors

Paris Hilton's fate has hung precariously in the balance since a speeding stop last month found America's Troubled Party Whorelet driving with a suspended license while on probation for a DUI. The D.A.'s office, perhaps having caught wind of past fracases in which Hilton slyly feigned idiocy for her own legal gain, are suggesting she knew very well of the status of her suspended license, and are requesting a revocation of her probation that could pave the way for hard time:

Inconsolable Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton may have ridden her personal philosophy of acting as stupidly as humanly possible in front of the maximum number of available cameras to unprecedented celebutard heights, but her recent probation violation for a DUI charge has posed her team with the kind of serious threat to their client's welfare that can not be easily brushed aside by right-hand flack Elliot Mintz's typical Jedi mind tricks.