Its Party Time for Paris Hilton

It seems that the heiress just needs an occasion to celebrate. And this was certainly a big moment to rejoice- the 24th birthday of her younger sister Nicky Hilton. So Paris Hilton was doing rock and roll the entire Friday night at the Vegas Nightclub LAX.
It wasn’t surprising that rather than the birthday girl, her sister hogged the limelight. Paris stood in the spotlight to give her little sister a birthday shout out. And for the rest of the night, Paris danced wildly on a couch to draw all eyes upon her.
After the fiesta got over, Paris, Nicky and some of their friends went to the Social House at Treasure Island. Paris was also noticed making a pit stop at the MGM Grand Garden Arena to flaunt her silver dress and the t-shirts made for Nicky’s birthday.
So it was a week’s entertainment in just one day for Paris! But if sister’s birthday made Paris party in such a big way, what will she do when she turns 27 next year on February 17!

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