Philippines' Paris

Paris Hilton is now a household name in Philippines
not just because of TV Patrol & 24 Oras
have a article on Paris every now and then because of her
intriguing lifestyle & her being tackless & also her
do-what-i-want habits.

Paris Hilton own a league of fans here in Philippines
even before these late night Pinoy news.
Pinoys enjoys watching her in Simple Life Series
that has gone to its 3rd Installment the Simple Life 3: Interns
Co-Star Nicole Richie is the other cast.
Simple Life is a reality show, like the title may describe
its there way of "Simple Life" in contrast to their real life
as a heiresses of course.

Through the show they travel the whole US, city by city
& staying in a local family house for a day or two,
do the local chores of the host family like feeding
their cows & other animals.
Because they are rich kids they can't perform it
this is the funny things happens.

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