Paris' Valentine's Day Dress Code ¨C an Edible Candy Bikini

Paris Hilton may still be on her self-imposed sex ban, but that hasn't stopped her from stocking up a pile of sexy lingerie for Valentine's Day.
The Hilton hotel heiress, who last year revived her romance with Greek beau Stavros Niarchos, was spotted browsing gift shop Aahs on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.
Paris reportedly spent a packet on an edible candy bikini and thong set, as well as other X-rated goodies.
"She picked up an edible bikini set, vibrating pink tickler and some raunchy Lovehearts. She spent about 250 GBP in total on Valentine's Day stuff," The Sun quoted a female shopper, as saying.
However, it seems that alls not well in the 'Hottie and the Nottie' star's life, for while on the shopping spree, she also reportedly broke down in tears during a phone conversation with someone, the shopper revealed.
"Paris was wearing her sunglasses and was dressed in a black tracksuit with a pink skull and crossbones on the back. She was going round the shop talking to someone on the phone and crying - she kept wiping her nose with a tissue," the shopper said.

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