Paris in A Conspicious Apperance in an Award Show

While virtually our only memory of last night's Grammys telecast involves Justin Timberlake face-fucking a handheld video camera in an attempt to translate his performance into a more YouTube-ready format, an operative who was in attendance jogs our memory about a blink-and-you-missed-it Paris Hilton appearance we'd forgotten about, offering a look at how her two seconds of screen time was made possible:
i was at the Grammys last night and about 2/3 through the show Paris Hilton and friend were ushered in - people were asked to leave their seats and a small scuffle ensues, Paris and friend sat down in those seats, she applied makeup and talked on her phone then - then surprise - the camera gets a shot of her in the audience, then paris and friend get up and leave and the original seat holders get their seats back. Was this in any way related to Hilton being a major sponsor of the Grammys? And do they really think having her there helps promote the hotel chain? Cause when I see Paris I'm thinking "ho" not "hotels."
If the aim was to offer the Hiltons a sneaky, near-subliminal plug for their sponsoring hotel chain by briefly planting their living, sex-tape-plagued brand extension in the audience for a cameo, it almost certainly backfired, as within seconds of the heiress's flashing across our screen, we felt an uncontrollable urge to go see if Paris Exposed had come back online to post a new round of bubble bath videos and STD-suppressing prescriptions.
[Pictured: Hilton engaged in deep conversation about public policy issues with L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the Universal Music after-party.

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