Paris Hilton To Launch a New Book?

Do you know that Paris Hilton is fond of literature and is very creative? No, I’m not joking, hotel heiress is in the planning stages of writing another type of literary masterpiece.
Paris’ literary agent Dan Strone, who handled her 2004 book ‘Confessions Of An Heiress’ said,
She is planning to do another book. She is thinking of doing a new book, and I don’t think believe at this time, it’s contemplated to be a so-called prison diary.
Well, I still remember few months back Paris was apparently planning to publish some sort of prison memoir, pegged to her 23-day stint in prison. And specifics of Hilton’s next book are yet not finalized. Strone told,
I don’t think that’s the direction she’s heading.
Hmm! I guess, next I’ll post that Hilton has cancelled her plans to write any type of book!

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