Has Jail Time Really Changed Paris Hilton?

LOS ANGELES — Dealing with jail time for driving offenses was difficult, but now
Paris Hilton faces the aftermath.
The 26-year-old heiress is expected to be released from a Los Angeles County women's jail early this week, and she professes a desire to shift her life's course.
But unlike most newly released inmates, Hilton has a trail of photographers in constant pursuit and a career based largely on partying and posing for pictures.
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Hilton insists she's a changed woman after serving time behind bars.
"I would like to make a difference," she told
Barbara Walters. "God has given me this new chance."
Saying it is one thing and doing it is another, said Dorian Traube, a professor of social work at University of Southern California.
"If this indeed has changed her, then the transition will be very difficult because she'll have to find a new purpose in life" beyond being queen of the party scene, Traube said. "Her life will have to change drastically, which is going to be tricky because she's going to be in the public eye more than ever."

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