Hallmark Versus Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's lawyers filed a lawsuit a little while ago against Hallmark for using her likeness and catchphrase in a stupid greeting card. Hallmark has fired back at by basically saying she's made a joke of herself and they have the right to make a parody of her.
"Hilton has become a household name, based in large part on her efforts to draw attention to herself. Having done so, she has subjected herself to public scrutiny and the parodist's pen. The First Amendment does not allow her to respond by welcoming the fawning and flattering, but silencing the critical and comical."
The thing is Paris seems to be so concerned with her "new image" and will sue anyone that makes fun of her yet she goes out dressed like a 2 cent hooker on Halloween. Fuck Paris! Hallmark all the way!
They should add that little statement to inside of the Paris card.

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