Paris Hilton in a Car Accident

Our favorite socialite Paris Hilton was involved in a minor traffic incident Saturday evening and you’ll be happy to know that Paris wasn’t driving this time! Hilton’s car was hit by a paparazzo as he leaped out to take pictures of Miss. Hilton. Luckily, no one was injured in the accident.

An eyewitness tells that at 5:30 PST, Hilton’s driver — with his famous passenger on board — was sideswiped by another vehicle on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills. The car that hit Hilton’s car was a Mercedes driven by a paparazzo.

Hilton’s driver told TMZ, “The car is backing up into me, in reverse, as my client is getting out of the car. Basically it was either me risking hurting my client, which I wasn’t willing to do, of course, or taking the hit. So we took the hit.”

Paris was unhurt but a bodyguard who was riding in the front passenger seat complained of neck pain. No police report has been filed but the accident apparently caused $3,000 in damages.

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