Britney Threathen Paris Hilton

Britney Spears might have a grudge against Paris Hilton for all those old upskirt pictures that started her downward spiral to losing her kids. Apparently Britney has made some threats against the amateur porn star with the release of all new exciting footage. Oh yes Britney claims to have some lesbian footage that she wants to share with the world.

The singer and her pals sent the heiress a letter warning her that they would leak the footage, which shows Hilton in a compromising position with one of Spears’ friends, unless her attitude changed.

Paris of course claims that the story is nothing. However who wouldn’t believe that Paris not only hooked up with another woman and allowed it to be filmed? I think if Britney needs some quick cash she can make a good saleof that footage to support K-Fed as he continues to not work or earn any money. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this friendship gone bad!

Britney Spears lesbian threat
I love cat fights!

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