Find Paris Hilton!

Finding Someone on the Cyber Space? Do Google/Yahoo/Live Search did'nt give you any relevant search results? A Great Place for Search is Different!

When it comes to dating and celebrities we almost always have a reason to search people out. The problem is that when we search on major networks we come to find that we get results that often aren’t useful. They are jumbled up with other information that does us little to no good. Now we have the opportunity to really get out there and make things happen for us and check on our dates, friends or just about anyone else.

At they believe that information and people in society are important. They allow people who use their free search engine to search for names, add pictures, add tags, vote on people, and even have influence on the results. The search is designed for people in society and to learn about people in society. It is one of the most comprehensive and searchable sites around with lots of options.

The next time you go out on a date you may be wondering, “Who is this guy/girl?” You may not need to wonder if you search them out and find their MySpace, FaceBook or other sites with their information on it. You will know more about them then they believe you do which gives you the knowledge of how to act, how to treat them and how to make a strong relationship with them.

Of course such power shouldn’t be abused but you can certainly have a lot of fun looking up people like Paris Hilton and following his career and new releases about him. As soon as it hits the net you could be reading the latest news about him or plenty of other people no matter if they are a celebrity or not. It can be a lot of fun discovering new things.

One of the features I found at Spock was that you could add people’s relatives if you know the person or know of the person. The information you add will benefit people so that they will know about people as well. This makes a completely different way of doing searches and knowing about people. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

This is the result for the search: Paris Hilton (is'nt it evident that she's my fave?)

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