Paris Hilton Celebrate 27th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dear Paris!

I'm not sure how many birthdays Paris Hilton has, but Saturday night she celebrated her 27th again by performing with the Pussycat Dolls in Las Vegas. Despite not wearing protective eyewear and Paris having the coordination of a ham sandwich, nobody was injured. At least until after the show when Paris' outfits had to be burned along with two Pussycat Dolls who helped her change. They knew the risks.

Paris Hilton, in sheer defiance of quarantine-worthy herpes, celebrated her 27th birthday this weekend and threw an 80s themed party where she showed up looking like Rainbow Brite's cokehead sister. E! News also reports that Sam "Mixmaster" Lutfi was in attendance. He was probably pouring drinks all night and many partygoers went home feeling the strange desire to flash their vaginas. Even the men. Yup, Sam is that good. We should hang out. But no grave pissing. I just shampooed my car seats.

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