Paris Hilton Romances Benny Madden in St. Louis! Lucky Him!

Paris Hilton has found new love in the form of Benny Madden. She met the Good Charlotte rocker Benji through her best friend Nicole Richie, who is engaged to Benji’s brother and bandmate Joel Madden.

Paris has changed her boyfriends at a dizzying pace. Alex Vago, Jared Leto and Simon Rex have come and gone in quick succession (and may come again, who knows?) Benji, in comparison, seems sedate. He met his fiancée Sophie Monk in 2006, got engaged to her in 2007 and split from her last month.

Paris and Benji were seen together at St. Louis enjoying themselves and onlookers say they were looking very lovelorn.

Paris Hilton and Benny Madden

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