George Clooney Denies Attack on Paris Hilton

George Clooney Denies Attack on Paris Hilton
Actor George Clooney has denied reports that he launched a bitter attack on socialite Paris Hilton in his recent US magazine interview. The actor was said to have slammed the hotel heiress during an interview with America's Rolling Stone magazine, allegedly calling Paris Hilton as a "wannabe" and ridiculing her acting talents.

The star was quoted as saying: "There is a funny thing that happens when you are a young actor. You equate financial success and getting jobs with whether or not you are good at it.

"And it still happens. That's why there is Paris Hilton. Now I'm in trouble with Paris Hilton."

But the Hollywood hunk's representative states the comments were taken out of context, insisting the quips used in the article were not connected. George Clooney 's spokesman Stan Rosenfield says: "He made a long joke in between those two quotes. Making fun of himself. Two different statements are being used that were barely connected." Rosenfield adds: "And (they were) certainly not the spirit of the interview."

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